Von South Carolina an die KARS

Von: Anna Kelley

My name is Anna Kelley. I am 38 years old and I am beginning my 3rd year at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, United States. My husband and I have two children, a four-year-old boy, Cooper, and a twelve-year-old girl, Maria. I have returned to college to complete a degree in foreign language and linguistics. My major is German, and my minor is Linguistics. Although I have a strong interest in teaching at a college level, visiting KARS-Landau was still a perfect fit.
I was able to learn many positive things about the German Realschule. The Realschule offers a wonderful program for students who are working toward a technical career. These students are able to do many hands-on exercises and gain on-the-job experience that is crucial to success in employment. This program is reminiscent of the United States Poly-Tech Colleges, but differs in that the students can begin this type of schooling in 10th grade instead of working through the 12th grade before they can begin refining their skills.
While I was at KARS-Landau, I was able to introduce myself to a variety of classes and answer many great questions about life in the USA and in Charleston, South Carolina. I taught a lesson to a 5th-grade English class in which we practiced shopping and packing for a picnic. I also created a presentation for a 12th-grade class to help answer the difficult questions regarding college tuition, cost-of-living, and medical insurance in the United States. 
My favorite experience at KARS-Landau included meeting all the staff and students, as well as attending the Student Cultural Event. All the students in Landau have great talents, and the teachers are experts at guiding them toward success. Our College of Charleston group also toured Heidelberg and Strasbourg and the castles near to Landau. On our way back to the United States, we also toured through Dachau and Munich.
I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this program, and I hope that this program will last for many years and continue to grow!

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